Latest on Ebola, Aug. 6 2012, 12h: Two Suspected Cases in Tanzania, WHO Update for Uganda


Local news in Tanzania is reporting two suspected cases of Ebola in the Kagera Region. The two suspected cases, a mother and son, traveled from Uganda to Tanzania and are currently isolated in the Nyakahanga Hospital in Karagwe District, Kagera. Blood samples have been sent to Dar es Salaam, but doctors in Kagera have not yet received confirmation that this is Ebola.

Coverage of previous Ebola outbreaks has shown that communities and countries bordering an outbreak often have news reports of individuals with any possible Ebola-like symptoms (including simple nose bleeds). While the virus’s lethality and transmissibility warrant careful monitoring of all suspected cases, we caution the public that many of the tentative cases in locations farther from the epicenter (Kibaale, Uganda) will likely be negative. The Disease Daily will continue to post updates on the confirmation of positive and negative test results.


The WHO stated on Friday that the number of suspected cases in Uganda is now 53 and the deaths remain at 16. Of the 32 suspected cases that are in the Kibaale district, 312 contacts have been identified, and most of these are being carefully monitored.

In response to the outbreak, Uganda is working with organizations such as Médecins Sans Frontières, WHO, the US CDC, and the Uganda Red Cross.


The WHO also reported that two suspected cases from Kenya tested negative for Ebola.

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