Latest on Ebola, August 3, 9h00: Suspected Case of Ebola Escapes Hospital, Kibaale National Park is Reportedly Ebola-Free

Joaquim Saweka, the WHO representative in Uganda, told the Associated Press today that everyone known to have had contact with an Ebola patient has been isolated. There are 176 people being monitored following contact with Ebola patients. The WHO official also says that the outbreak is under control.

Potentially complicating this control is an escaped prisoner suspected of having Ebola. According to CNN, the Kigadi hospital in Kibaale is monitoring 30 suspected cases of Ebola, of which five are prisoners. A follow up report from CNN’s David McKenzie says that one of the prisoners suspected of having Ebola escaped during the night. Doctors are concerned about the outcome if his tests come back positive.

The Associated Press reported yesterday morning that Doctors Without Borders claim the first victim of this Ebola outbreak was a 3-month-girl. Approximately 65 people attended her funeral, and of those 65, 11 died from Ebola.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority provides some good news: the Kibaale National Park is supposedly Ebola free, meaning that people can continue to visit the park, home to many chimpanzees.

The Uganda Pulse also reports some good news: to alleviate some of the stresses in Kibaale, the government has given Kibaale district 600 million shillings to fight Ebola. 

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